Aubrey Huff Has Meltdown on Twitter After Being Called Out by Former Rays Teammate Seth McClung

Some teammates are better than others, but according to former Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Seth McClung, Aubrey Huff was the worst of them all. The six-year MLB reliever called him out over Twitter after a fan asked who his least favorite teammate ever was.

Well, let's just say that Huff didn't take to kindly to being singled out as the bad apple in the bunch. The hot-headed former slugger laid into McClung, spiraling into a complete and total meltdown that pretty much proved the reliever's point.

Huff was just brutal in his attack. Everything he said was either a swipe at McClung's career or an assault on his confidence.

Sure, McClung didn't have the most illustrious career possible, but he still was an MLB pitcher who managed to notch a respectable 314 career strikeouts. Lambasting him and saying that he has a "fragile ego" only is petulant and childish.

He even went so far as to say that he would own McClung in a fight if the two of them decided to step into the ring together.

McClung had a mature response in the midst of Huff going bananas.

Huff might be able to brag about being a physical giant, but he definitely seems to be mentally weak. He's practically devoted all of his time to going after a guy he spent a couple of years in the league with.

Maybe he should take a step back and reevaluate where his priorities are, because this entire tirade only proves McClung right in his assertion that Huff was the biggest "turd" of a teammate ever.