Astros Star Carlos Correa Switches Agents After Advice From Alex Rodriguez

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - AUGUST 14: Carlos Correa #1 of the Houston Astros
bats against the Chicago White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field on August 14, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox | Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Houston Astros star shortstop Carlos Correa is making a very interesting career decision, based on the advice of none other than Alex Rodriguez.

According to Mark Feinsand, Correa is set to swap his representation, joining up with WME's Joe Rosen, who represents A-Rod in his post-baseball career. What's most intriguing about the switch, however, is that Correa will be Rosen's first client in baseball.

If Correa is looking to get into the daytime television business Rosen might be the guy for the job since he represents the likes of Rachael Ray, Al Roken and Bobby Flay, but the shortstop better hope that Rosen can handle the negotiation of an MLB contract.

Heading into free agency after the 2021 season, Correa will likely look for a huge deal. His injury history could hurt his value in free agency, so he'll be relying on Rosen to squeeze out every penny possible on the open market.

Another obstacle remains, as Rosen still needs to receive agent certification from the MLB. WME doesn't have a certified baseball agent on staff, and Rosen will be the firm's first.

A-Rod must have a lot of respect for Rosen and likely sees potential in the agent's ability to transfer into the world of sports. A representation move like this one is unheard of in baseball, so hopefully, for Correa's sake, it pays off.