MLB Trying to Keep Details of Astros and Red Sox Probes Out of Court Will Only Fuel Cover-up Accusations

Xander Bogaerts
The MLB might be covering up accusations of sign stealing against the Astros and Red Sox | Rob Tringali/Sportschrome/Getty Images

The Houston Astros have already been dealt their punishment for using illegal methods to steal signs, and the Boston Red Sox will likely get their slap on the wrist in a few weeks' time.

While the league has enough evidence to discipline both of these clubs, it appears that Rob Manfred and Co. don't want any of this to go to court. The league said it wants the notes from both of these investigations kept out of the legal realm, citing the idea that important people in both cases were less likely to disclose vital information if they were subject to legal analysis.

So much for transparency.

The MLB likely isn't trying to cover these scandals up. If they were, however, going to great lengths to avoid making juicy details of the investigation public is a good way to do so.

Whatever the case, this is an insult to the fans who want to see clubs that break the rules like this punished adequately.

The integrity of the game could be on the line here in these investigations. Doesn't that inherent issue entitle the fans to a totally transparent investigation wherein every transgression is made public knowledge? Apparently not, as Manfred seems more content to operate in the shadows.