Astros Punishments Only Make Pete Rose's Lifetime MLB Ban Look More Insane

Pete Rose
Cincinnati Reds legend Pete Rose | Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Rob Manfred came down as hard as he possibly could on the Houston Astros, who ended up parting ways with their manager and losing several first round picks as punishment for the sign-stealing scandal that permeated through the championship 2017 season.

The penalties were deserved, and just given the severity of the crime.

While these punishments were a bit draconian to some, dropping the hammer on a team who used illegal means to win a championship is certainly an offense that warrants getting the book thrown at you. The only one who thinks the Astros should have been punished harsher is probably Pete Rose.

You know the story by now. Rose, the all-time hit king across Major League Baseball, was banned by the league for life due to involvements in a gambling scandal. Betting on games, as compared to using illegal means to gain a known competitive advantage, is a relatively harmless crime.

Even the worst offenders, like AJ Hinch, Jeff Lunhow, and Alex Cora, will still be able to try and sneak back into the league once their suspensions are up. Rose, meanwhile, remains barred, and time is running out for the 78-year-old to see his ban overturned.

The fact that the greatest hitter in baseball history is still excluded from any association with the sport is a tragedy of the highest order, and Rose has even more of a claim to be irate after this.