Alex Bregman Reportedly Left Klutch Sports Because of LeBron James in Biggest Baby Move of All Time

Houston Astros infielder Alex Bregman
Houston Astros infielder Alex Bregman / Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Uninterrupted Sports, LeBron James' production company, agreed to produce a documentary that chronicles the Houston Astors' sign-stealing scandal that landed the franchise their first and only championship.

Astros third baseman Alex Bregman, who was signed to James' Klutch Sports agency, decided to fire agent Brodie Scoffield and is on the hunt for new representation. Initially, it was speculated the star slugger left because of James, and now, according to MLB insider Ken Rosenthal, four people familiar with the situation have confirmed that's the exact reason for Bregman's departure.

Wanna cry about it some more?

So we guess Scoffield negotiating a six-year, $100 million contract extension that's set up Bregman and his family for generations didn't mean anything to the All-Star. He had to have known there would be something produced regarding the Astros' scandal. To act like this in response to the decision of the most famous athlete in the world is as childish as it gets.

The fact that the Astros not only refuse to really apologize, but get so touchy whenever their transgressions are brought up, is beyond weak and immature. Take it on the chin like a man, Alex.

How dare someone have the audacity to produce a documentary about a three-year long cheating ring involving a World Series champion! it's just picking on the little guy!

Whomever Bregman picks as his next agent better know they'll likely be dealing with someone who can't face the truth.