The Smartest Pick Astros Made in the 2020 MLB Draft

The Houston Astros were at a disadvantage in the 2020 MLB Draft.
The Houston Astros were at a disadvantage in the 2020 MLB Draft. | Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The Houston Astros were rightfully at a disadvantage heading into the 2020 MLB Draft. The team lost its first and second-round picks as part of the soft punishment for the sign-stealing scandal and Houston's first pick came at No. 72 overall.

The Astros ended up selecting four players and were still able to grab a top high school prospect in the supplemental part of the second round. So how bad was this punishment really? That may depend on how their top pick turns out.

The Astros were able to snag pitcher Alex Santos, ranked No. 56 by, at pick No. 72. That seems to be a solid value pick given where the team's first selection came. Santos is from New York and grew up a Yankees fan, but he should quickly move past that given he signs in Houston as opposed to going to college at Maryland.

The pick is a smart one because the Astros are already a stacked team and took a top high school pitcher who needs several years before he's ready to face MLB competition. He can develop in the minor leagues and be ready to join the team at a time when the current core is retired or playing elsewhere.

Santos stands 6-3 and is still only 18 years old. His fastball tops out in the low-to-mid 90s and that could improve with some more training. Santos is not a bad consolation for a team that arguably got off incredibly easy in their punishment for the sign-stealing scandal.