Antonio Bryant Reveals Messages From Pissed off Raiders Fans Mistaking Him for Antonio Brown

We can only assume that Antonio Brown's direct messages are filled with nothing but profane tirades from disgruntled and incensed Oakland Raiders fans, and rightfully so. He's done nothing but display petulant narcissism all offseason long, leading us to believe that he might not even suit up in the silver and black threads this season, or possibly at all.

Well, some buffs are so irate that they aren't even double-checking that they are actually messaging the correct AB.

A profusion of Oakland supporters are so blind by rage that they are taking their fury out on former NFL receiver, Antonio Bryant, who retired 10 years ago! The former Cowboy and Buccaneer subsequently responded the only way appropriate for today's day and age: on Twitter in sarcastic fashion.

Come on, people. Mistaking "Brown" for "Bryant" should not be happening at the frenzied rate that the Pittsburgh Panthers product is suggesting. More importantly, Bryant is wearing a freaking Bucs jersey in his avi. When has Mr. Big Chest ever suited up for Tampa Bay? Let's clean this up.

After the dust cleared, however, Bryant wisely took the time to call out these keyboard huggers, chastising the cowardice of hiding behind a computer or phone screen.

Not only did Bryant deliver a laugh, but he also provided a valuable lesson of a very prevalent problem surrounding social media in 2019. Well done, sir. Well done indeed.