Antonio Brown Gets into Heated Twitter Feud With Golden Tate and Eric Weddle

When in need of attention, Antonio Brown reeks of desperation like a dog scrambling for a decent fire hydrant, and the latest players to virtually tangle with the free agent wideout are Rams safety Eric Weddle and Giants receiver Golden Tate.

Tate responded to Brown's claim that the game (and assumably the NFL) needs him, and Weddle chimed in in agreement with Tate, taking a shot at the football's biggest drama king in the process.

And when someone helpfully asked if Weddle could guard AB, Weddle properly dismissed him.

Oof. But correct!

And as every football fan knows, the only person that's going to make the former Patriots receiver look like a fool is himself, so you already knew that Brown would be popping off in Weddle's mentions.

Ah, yes. "Shut your mouth Jabroni" -- taking a line from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who has reached incredible heights in both pro wrestling and cinema. Since Brown is out of a job, maybe he can make a career change like The Rock, but instead of being an actor, he can be a...cryogenic therapist?

And yes, this just...kept going.

It's safe to say that the game will be just fine without Brown. Even with all the talent in the world, he's an entitled loudmouth who can't stay out of trouble. Give him a jersey or don't; Brown will always be making unnecessary noise.