Antonio Brown is Already Giving Away His 1st and Only Patriots TD Ball on Instagram

Have you ever rolled your eyes so hard that it makes a sound?

Well, witness Antonio Brown's sudden, shocking addition to the New England Patriots...and his unceremonious, teeth-gnashing exit just 11 days later. All told, the guy played one game and caught one touchdown for the defending champs amid an ever-expanding maelstrom of awful, troubling allegations that run the gamut from the financial to the sexual that all became simply untenable.

And now, you can comment on this AB Instagram post and get your hands on that one and only TD ball.

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One lucky fan can win this comment below

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What the heck does Brown even do next? It's hard to figure that any NFL team would even dare to risk disrupting their esprit de corps by adding such a controversial, erratic, and ultimately toxic player to their squad with the season already off and running.

In the meantime, it's giveaway season on AB's Instragram.

Is the giveaway business boomin'? I pretty much don't even want to know.