Antonio Brown Has Reportedly Locked Himself in His House Amid Battery Investigation

New England Patriots WR Antonio Brown
New England Patriots WR Antonio Brown / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The ongoing escapades of former Steelers, Raiders, and Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown have taken another sharp right turn, placing him in more hot water with the law, after his personal trainer Glen Holt was arrested for battery in the assault of a moving truck driver. Brown was also implicated in the event, and has reportedly walled himself off from society as the investigation continues.

Brown, a seven-time Pro Bowler and four-time First Team All-Pro, doesn't seem willing to cooperate with police in this investigation, as he has boarded himself in his Hollywood, Fla. home.

Brown was not charged in connection with Holt's battery, but he was named as a suspect. On Tuesday, police tried to contact Brown several times, but they didn't receive a response.

This comes just a few days after Brown saw his relationship with agent Drew Rosenhaus terminated, and his reputation with the local police whittled away after he live streamed a confrontation with them on Instagram.

Brown now has yet another legal nightmare ahead of him, and barricading yourself in your house against the wishes of police certainly isn't a good sign. AB needs help, and hopefully it comes soon via either the justice system or some professional mental health counseling.