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Antonio Brown Continues to Lose the Plot After Posting Picture Revealing Where He Got Gummy Penises

Antonio Brown's Twitter Account
Antonio Brown's Twitter Account

We have to admit it's pretty irresponsible that we thought Antonio Brown's level of insanity peaked after his professionally-edited video featuring Jon Gruden's voiceover. There's been so many more instances of preposterous behavior that it's almost impossible to chronicle.

But we're well aware of the latest happening, which was actually hard to watch, but somehow culminated with him throwing a bag of gummy penises at his baby mama, after which he had some NSFW words for her.

Since everyone was so concerned in regards to where he acquired a bag of gummy genitalia, here you are:

DicksByMail.com. Check that out on your work IP address, I'm sure HR will let it slide.

All penis jokes aside, the downfall of Antonio Brown will sadly be something sports fans of this generation remember forever. He went from the best receiver in the NFL to throwing temper tantrums on Instagram Live, and it's safe to say his career is over, unless the XFL begins some sort of developmental league.

We thought the only people needing DicksByMail.com were bridesmaids, but here we are.