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Driver's 911 Call Revealed as 'High' Antonio Brown Threw Rocks at His Moving Truck

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown is facing an arrest warrant for battery in Hollywood, Florida | Michael Reaves/Getty Images

"The guy is high, he smoked, he threatened me. He's trying to fight. He throws stones at my truck," said a moving truck driver on a 911 call to police while parked outside Antonio Brown's property in audio obtained by TMZ.

Yes, the sad tale of AB's descent into mental, emotional, and legal ruin rolls on.

The call, which reportedly lasted about 30 minutes (!), took place as the driver tried and failed to get Brown to pay what he owed for the moving services provided.

"I'm trying to make delivery to the gentleman. I called him and told him he has to pay the balance for us to unload. The guy refused to pay in the proper form," the driver said, per TMZ. He had begun to drive away from the property after payment was refused, but stopped after noticing Brown had begun throwing rocks at his truck.

The driver acknowledged on the call that Brown subsequently did submit a $4,000 payment.

Brown now faces an arrest warrant for battery, burglary, and criminal mischief after the standoff with the driver, which also involved one of his trainers. That man, Glenn Holt, was arrested Tuesday.

We've learned rather painfully in recent days where a high-profile athlete can end up if he goes long enough without getting the help he needs. Antonio Brown is not Delonte West, but it's more than clear that the man needs intervention.

If he won't seek it out on his own, law enforcement and the state will be forced to take it upon themselves.