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Anthony Swarzak's Wife Outed for Sending Wildly Ignorant DMs to Wife of White Sox Star Tim Anderson

If you have something ignorant to say in America in 2019, expect to be publicly called out; we simply don't have time for discourse like this to stay private.

ChiSox shortstop Tim Anderson and his wife Bria have become entrenched in the Chicago community, launching an outreach program in the city's South Side in 2017 that aims to install school-based programs to help the disadvantaged get a leg up in avoiding the violence that surrounds them. The Andersons are objectively good people, doing right by a community that desperately needs the assistance.

However, that didn't stop Braves (and former White Sox) reliever Anthony Swarzak's wife Elizabeth from going after Bria in the DMs this week, lecturing her about the "real" issues in this country -- migrant crime, why white nationalism is good, and why Bria Anderson isn't really helping anyone. These screenshots, posted by Lucas Giolito's wife Ariana Dubelko, paint a bleak picture.

As Dubelko says, there's something so incredibly insidious about not only knowing that a member of the baseball family espouses these views, but also seeing the hatred for an entire group of people, simply based on their birthplace, when so much of the baseball community is comprised of exemplary Latino stars.

Of course, there's also the repeated condescension towards Bria for her amazing and necessary charity work, something I'm not seeing whatsoever from Swarzak's end.

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I am so disgusted and disappointed. Bria Anderson is a teacher with a Masters degree working on her doctorate while raising two girls and running a non profit organization that works with the youth of South Side Chicago. For someone within this baseball family to say such disgraceful and disgusting things, to shamelessly act in a demeaning and hateful way is reprehensible. Half of the players in the MLB are IMMIGRANTS from Latin countries. To know someone among you holds hate in their heart or thinks of you as a criminal because of your birthplace is something I cannot even imagine. Insulting and demeaning a woman’s incredible non-profit work is mind boggling. I’m angry and hurt for every person of color involved in this sport - the players, wives, front office staff, coaches, trainers, the fans who love this sport. And for the families of those who lost their lives at the hands of mass murderers who, in their own words, wanted to kill people of color.

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There's plenty that still must be solved in this nation's discourse, but making private hate public helps at least a little bit.