Latest Eavesdropping Allegations Mean it's Time for MLB to Finally Fire Angel Hernandez

Angel Hernandez is despised throughout the MLB.
Angel Hernandez is despised throughout the MLB. / Rob Carr/Getty Images

For years, Angel Hernandez has long been known as one of the MLB's worst umpires. He is hated by players across the league due to both his attitude and inconsistent calls. Now, the MLB may have even more reason to finally let the umpire go.

According to Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic, Hernandez allegedly eavesdropped on a phone call with MLB officials following an investigation into one of his games. The game in question took place on July 24, 2019 between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox. Kevin Cash made a series of changes that left the umpires confused. They ended up taking 14 minutes to figure out the correct call.

Then Chief Baseball Officer Joe Torre launched an investigation into the issue. He interviewed Hernandez, who was the crew chief, and all of the other umpires involved with the game. Apparently, Hernandez stayed on the line after his interview ended and listened to Torre's conversation with fellow umpire Ed Hickox.

This is such a childish move by Hernandez. It is a breach of privacy and betrays the trust that the league has with their umpires. It is insane that Hernandez is still on the MLB's payroll, and this ought to be the last straw.