Amount of Money 'Average MLB Owner' Has Made Since Start of Pandemic is Staggering

Houston Astros owner Jim Crane
Houston Astros owner Jim Crane / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Most MLB players have a finite window of earning power during their pro careers, as the majority of said careers don't even make it out of the single digits. Billionaires who own MLB teams, however, can make money until the day they die just by virtue of owning one of baseball's 30 cash cows. Still, in the extended labor negotiations centered around getting a 2020 season started, it's the owners who are saying they don't have the money to pay players despite evidence that proves them categorically wrong.

US billionaires have made, on average, around $715 million since the start of the pandemic, demonstrably proving that the owners have more than enough money to both pay the players a prorated salary and pay minor league players, despite the lack of games.

Between that and the billion-dollar deal the league signed with Turner a few days ago, there is certainly enough money lying around for the league to be able to sustain a brief period of unprofitability.

The value of an average MLB team has risen by more than $1 billion in the last six years, and only the Miami Marlins did not turn a profit last year. The owners still crying poor despite Scrooge McDuck-style pools of gold coins in reserve is the main reason why labor negotiations continue to stall.

Players have already accepted the fact that they aren't going to receive the full salary for one of the limited number of seasons they can play in MLB, but the owners are going above and beyond to prevent any minor subtraction from the bottom line. That rampant greed is nothing short of despicable.