Amar'e Stoudemire Calls Out Knicks Fan Account in DMs After Criticizing Him for James Dolan Comments

Amar'e Stoudemire has absolutely, positively no chill.

As Stat tries to make an NBA comeback via a series of tryouts, he's not letting anything slide. A New York Knicks fan dared to question Stoudemire for his support for owner James Dolan back in the day. Dolan, of course, is universally hated by the entire New York City metropolitan area for running the Knicks into the ground.

However, back when Stat signed with the Knicks, he gladly took Dolan's money. The result? This comment that's better served as a Freezing Cold Take.

Bruh. had to know this would come back to bite you.

Apparently not, though. When greeted with some criticism by a Knicks fan account, Stoudemire didn't react well, instead sliding into their DMs and potentially challenging them in an altercation.

Look, we've got no issue with Stat starting a discussion or even explaining himself in hopes of better PR, but trying to meet this random person in Seattle seems like a stretch, especially when Stoudemire is trying to cash in on that vet minimum.

Should he disagree again, my DMs are open.