Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Are No Longer Trying to Buy the New York Mets

Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are no longer trying to be New York Mets owners. | Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

New York Mets fans were hoping the power couple of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez would buy the team and take control away from the Wilpon family. The duo of J-Rod were reportedly in talks to make that happen earlier this offseason.

But that plan has reportedly fallen through and Mets fans will be stuck with the Wilpons for the time being. This is the second time Mets fans are going through this after billionaire Steve Cohen decided to pull an offer of his own not too long ago.

The reported problem when it comes to the Wilpons is the family's desire to hold onto the SNY television network. While the team could reportedly lose around $90 million this year, television revenue helps offset the losses. Not getting the network in a sale would be a bad business move for any potential buyer.

Financial losses will be even more severe if games are not played at Citi Field in 2020. Rodriguez and Lopez reportedly also had problems with potential partners and it appears the whole bid was doomed from the start. The Wilpons retain control yet again, and given the lack of desire to sell SNY, it may be a long time before the Mets have new owners.