Alex Cora Reveals in Terse Statement That He Spoke to MLB During Sign Stealing Investigation

Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora has acknowledged that even he has had to face questioning about his former team's alleged infractions related to electronic sign-stealing dating back to 2017.

Cora has admitted Thursday to having spoken with the MLB as part of its investigation into the expanding Houston Astros scandal, though he did so in a carefully worded statement that was almost entirely devoid of details.

The Sox skipper and former Astros bench coach was professional in his response and noted the irresponsibility of disclosing any information while Major League Baseball's investigation is ongoing.

The MLB has reportedly been in contact with both Cora and recently hired New York Mets manager Carlos Beltran, who coached and played, respectively, for the 2017 Astros World Series championship team.

The league has expanded its investigation into certain Red Sox officials on Cora's staff because of their past ties to the Astros organization. It's worth noting that Boston has been prone to cheating accusations of its own in recent years.

Cora's Red Sox got through the Stros in the 2018 AL Championship Series on their way to winning the World Series, though his involvement in Houston's side of the scandal could come into question considering the extent to which he downplayed their alleged sign-stealing in the ALCS a year ago.

While the Astros organization may be in trouble, they may not be alone when it comes time for punishment.