Alex Cora has amazing quote on Shohei Ohtani

Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Angels
Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Angels / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

What we're seeing Shohei Ohtani accomplish for the Los Angeles Angels this year really is sensational. Not only is he a beast at the plate, but Ohtani is also a fantastic pitcher, putting on a show for the AL West club.

If you ask Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora, Ohtani really is playing incredible ball right now.

"We should make a new award for him," Cora said. "This is something MLB hasn’t seen since Babe Ruth. He's not the best hitter. He's not the best pitcher. But he's the best player."

That's quite the quote there from Cora. It's hard to argue with him, as Ohtani really puts on a show at the dish and at the plate. What a player.