Alabama Fan Charged With Murder After Allegedly Shooting LSU Fan During Week 11 Showdown

Alabama v LSU
Alabama v LSU / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Fans of Alabama and LSU football take this rivalry very seriously year after year, but this time it went too far.

During this year's game, 29-year-old LSU fan James Michael Roland Merritt was shot by 31-year-old Alabama fan David Allen Fulkerson with a pistol. After being on life support for nearly a week, Merritt died last Friday when his family made the unimaginable decision to pull the plug.

Fulkerson is now being charged with murder after the original charge was attempted murder.

According to Colbert County Sheriff Frank Williamson, the two had been going at each other all day about the game and alcohol played a part in the fatal incident.

Fulkerson's attorney claimed the shooting was in self-defense, and when you look at his mugshot you can see he has a black eye. However, a witness claims that Fulkerson punched himself.

Fulkerson and Merritt's girlfriends are sisters and the fight broke out at Fulkerson's home in Littleville, Alabama. The shooting took place when Fulkerson thought Merritt called him an expletive.