Adam Silver Reportedly Sets Target Date for NBA Season's Return

Adam Silver
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has reportedly set a start date for the league's return. | Stacy Revere/Getty Images

NBA fans have been in the dark about when the 2019-20 season could return. Yet the league has seemingly made much more progress than Major League Baseball and optimism has been high for an eventual return.

The question was more of "when" and not "if" with the NBA. And now we reportedly have an answer as to when NBA games will be on television once again.

The key phrase here is "target date." Still, this is amazing news and should mean teams will get back to training rather soon after such a long hiatus. Now the questions arise of where games will be played and what the format will be upon the league's return.

Going to Disney World appears to be the logical plan, based on all the reports that have come out so far. There are several options for the format, including going straight to the playoffs or having some play-in games to determine the final seeding in each conference.

Those questions should be answered soon enough. The important news is that basketball has a date set for its return. Waiting another two months is the hard part for the rest of us.