Absurd Man Appears to Be Using 2K Create-a-Player as Tinder Pics

A man is apparently using his NBA 2K MyPlayer on Tinder.
A man is apparently using his NBA 2K MyPlayer on Tinder.

Ronnie 2K's going to have to give his graphic editors a raise after this piece of news, because of how realistic they made NBA 2K20 look.

Apparently, someone is using their NBA 2K MyPlayer for his Tinder profile pictures, and it's exactly as shoddy as you could ever imagine.

We seriously need to know this guy's success rate in terms of right swipes.

It appears that those are his only two photos on his Tinder profile, meaning that this guy, Alexander, is completely banking on a video game character to try and get a date.

It's likely that he's trying to fool girls into thinking that those pictures are actually of him, or that this is a parody profile that's just for fun. If this man legitimately thinks he's going to get a date in New York City with pictures of his 2K player, he's going to be single for a very long time.

Catfishing seriously just got way more intense than ever before. For the sake of every single man out there, we pray that this is some sort of joke.

Regardless, we applaud Alexander for his effort.