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Aaron Judge Literally Raised His Socks to Avoid Low Strike Calls

Aaron Judge, being the absolute behemoth that he is, is often prone to falling victim to the low strike three call.

Well, the Yankees slugger had a great way of combatting that problem on Friday. Judge actually raised his socks higher following a low called strike, giving the umpire one less excuse for an errant call.

Talk about getting creative. Judge was not about to go down looking on a pitch near his shins again, so he took matters into his own hands.

Clearly things paid off for the slugger too, as he hit a two-run blast in his next AB, with the socks lifted a bit higher than normal.

If that's what it takes for umpires to make the right call when Judge comes into the box, then so be it. The slugger doesn't mind sacrificing a couple inches of real estate on his uniform in order to buy some extra strike zone.