6 Incredible Michael Jordan-Scottie Pippen On-Court Connections

Chicago Bulls legends Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen
Chicago Bulls legends Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen / JEFF HAYNES/Getty Images

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen formed the most successful duo in NBA history without question. Both players were one of the best in the game's history at both ends of the floor, and together they combined to dominate the league.

The two led the Chicago Bulls to six championships in their 10 seasons together. Throughout that run, Pippen and MJ made plenty of gorgeous highlights together. Here are six of their best connections.

6. Pippen to Jordan Alley-Oop Against Nuggets

Even before they were winning titles together, Jordan and Pippen had incredible chemistry. This alley-oop from 1990 against the Denver Nuggets puts Pippen's passing and MJ's basketball IQ on full display, as Jordan broke away from his defender to the rim and snagged a beautiful pass from Pippen. The Nuggets never saw it coming.

5. Jordan Blocks Then Goes Behind-the-Back to Pippen on Break

Pippen and Jordan could take a set on defense and turn it into a basket before you could blink. In a game against the Milwaukee Bucks, after rejecting a shot on defense, Jordan ran the break and Pippen with a behind-the-back dish. Pippen finished with a powerful two-hand slam. Lovely.

4. MJ's Behind-the-Back Pass to Pippen Against Cavs

Who said MJ couldn't pass? By just watching this behind-the-back assist to Pippen against the Cleveland Cavaliers shows that MJ could truly do it all. Jordan found Pippen on the fast break once again in the flashiest way possible, putting it right through two close defenders without even looking.

3. Jordan Off the Backboard to Pippen in 1992 Olympic Qualifiers

Jordan and Pippen were teammates on USA Basketball as well. The 1992 USA Olympic men's basketball team, known as "the Dream Team," was arguably the greatest squad ever assembled. When they went up against foreign nations, it simply wasn't fair. In this a game against Argentina, Jordan found Pippen for an alley-oop off the backboard. After the dunk, Pippen smiled like it was nothing.

2. Jordan Fakes One Way, Finds Scottie on the Other

Pippen and MJ dominated the NBA in the 1990s, and they did it with a ton of flash. In this insane highlight, Jordan fooled the entire Orlando Magic defense. He drove down the lane with his tongue out and drew the attention of the defense to his left. He then executed a no-look underhand pass to Pippen, who slammed it home.

1. Pippen Finds Jordan With Full-Court No-Look Pass

This play just simply isn't fair. In what seemed like a moment that could only occur in a video game, Jordan stuffed Magic forward Dennis Scott and immediately bolted down the court. Pippen grabbed the loose ball and flung it over his head to Jordan, who was already down at the other end. Slam. Dunk.