5 Extra Large Facts About Gigantic Pro Football Hall of Fame Guy David Baker

David Baker
NFL Hall of Fame guy David Baker | Chris Graythen/Getty Images

In the midst of all of the hysteria that was materializing on the gridiron this weekend, NFL fans across the country were all left thinking one thing: who on earth is the gargantuan man that made Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher cry on national television?

His name is David Baker, and he's the president of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Though he didn't take the field for the Vikings, 49ers, Titans, Ravens, Texans, Chiefs, Seahawks, or Packers, he rapidly emerged as one of the stars of the Divisional Round.

To honor Baker's claim to fame, let's highlight a few mind-boggling facts about him.

5. His Son, Sam, Played For the Falcons

Sam Baker of the Atlanta Falcons
Sam Baker of the Atlanta Falcons

We would hope that Baker's astounding genes would translate to his offspring. His son, Sam, spent seven seasons as an offensive tackle in the NFL -- all of which were with the Atlanta Falcons. He was drafted out of USC in the first round (No.21 overall) of the 2008 Draft.

4. He Was a Former Professional Basketball Player in Switzerland

David Baker, Terrell Owens
Hall of Fame guy David Baker | Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

Color us not surprised at all. Long before Baker was tabbed president of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014, he was spending his days dominating defenders in the post in Switzerland. In a neat twist, Baker also toured worldwide with a Christian basketball squad. Talk about an enigma.

3. He Formerly Commissioned the AFL

David Baker, Tony Dungy, Marvin Harrison
David Baker announcing Tony Dungy and Marvin Harrison into the Hall of Fame | Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Just when you thought Baker's background couldn't possible be more random, we stumble across this stunner. Before it went bankrupt, Baker was the commissioner of the Arena Football League for 12 (!) years. That's some tenure.

2. He's 6-9 and Weighs 400 Pounds

David Baker, Jerome Bettis
David Baker and Hall of Fame RB Jerome Bettis | Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

First off, nice. Baker is an absolute unit, folks, and the fact that he makes Jerome "The Bus" Bettis look like a mere mortal says everything about his girth. Because it's worth reiterating, Baker stands at 6-foot-freaking-9 and weighs a whopping 400 pounds!

1. Forged a $50,000 Check to Himself to Finance a Congressional Run

Congress! Not David Baker's home.
Congress! Not David Baker's home.

No, that was not a misprint. Baker was once a hot commodity in the Republican Party, and actually forged a $48,000 check during a failed run at Congress. He faced a possible three-year stint in prison after pleading guilty, but was ultimately sentenced to one year of probation, a one-year suspended jail sentence, and community service. And now he's making Jimmy Johnson sob! And it almost makes sense! Folks, we've come a long way.