4 Times Draymond Green Has Completely Screwed up Warriors Chemistry

Golden State Warriors stars Draymond Green and Steph Curry
Golden State Warriors stars Draymond Green and Steph Curry / Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

There are times when it seems like Draymond Green wants nothing more than to tear down the Golden State Warriors from the inside out.

While he has flourished in his role as defensive stopper, vocal leader, and general pest, he has also upset the apple cart when Golden State was flying high over the last few years. From controversial tweets to barbs being thrown at his own team in the media, Green has messed up the Warriors' chemistry regularly over the last few years. Here's how.

4. Liking Ayesha Curry Slander on Twitter

Out of nowhere, and without anyone or anything prompting him to do so, Green decided to liven up Golden State's quarantine by liking a tweet that called out, by name, the wife of the best player on his team. Draymond has since removed the like from his page, and he will likely claim that the fact he even liked the tweet in the first place was totally accidental, but not everyone, least of all Steph Curry, will accept that explanation.

3. Saying the Team Sucks After Poor Start to Season

Now that Kevin Durant is a Brooklyn Net, Golden State is starting a mini-rebuild, as its original core is starting to get older and more banged up. Literally the worst thing to do for a young team still trying to get their feet under them is trashing their play early in the season. While Draymond was technically right in claiming that the Warriors "suck" without Curry or Klay Thompson given the team's 15-50 record, that sort of rhetoric coming from a veteran and leader had to be devastating for the psyches of young players trying to make it in the league and help the Warriors win games.

2. Getting Suspended in the 2016 Finals

The best dynasties in sports history never let their competitors off the mat when they have them wounded. The Warriors had a chance to once again push LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers into submission after taking a 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA Finals, but Green's inflammatory antics on the court got him in trouble once again. He was suspended for Game 5 of that series after kicking LBJ in the groin. LeBron put up 41 points in a dominant win, effectively snatching the momentum away from Golden State. Once James and the Cavs smelled blood, they sliced right through the Warriors and brought a title back to Cleveland.

1. Conflict With Kevin Durant

The arrival of Durant in Golden State kicked an already talented team that won 73 games the year prior into overdrive. The Slim Reaper helped them win back-to-back championships and helped them get to the Finals last year before the entire roster got depleted by injuries. It was Draymond who started to force Durant to consider signing elsewhere, as the fiery Green never really saw eye-to-eye with KD. Saying that they didn't need him to win was the final straw that pushed him toward Brooklyn. Hopefully Green realizes exactly the kind of power his vitriolic quotes towards KD had on the situation.