The New Orleans Pelicans have finally wrapped up the Anthony Davis trade, but they are far from finished. With the newly-acquired No. 4 pick in this year's NBA draft, the Pelicans have a valuable asset that has already garnered attention from numerous teams. Here are four possible trade partners that the Pelicans can deal with.

4. Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Media Day

The Celtics ultimately decided not to put all their chips in for Davis, and could be preparing for a Kyrie Irving exit this summer. The team still has multiple picks this year and in the future. Ainge needs to consolidate his assets, and the No. 4 pick could be the perfect opportunity for him to find an Irving replacement.

3. Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings v Los Angeles Lakers

The Sacramento Kings had a breakout season and were on the cusp of a playoff spot, but ultimately, couldn't get the job done. The team is still in need of a competent wing, and the No. 4 pick could be the answer for them. If a player like RJ Barrett or Jarrett Culver is available at fourth overall, the Kings should definitely be in contact with NOLA.

2. Orlando Magic

Toronto Raptors v Orlando Magic - Game Three

The Orlando Magic finally got a playoff run this season for the first time since the Dwight Howard era. However, numerous questions fill the team for this offseason. While the team has a solid young core of Aaron Gordon, Jonathan Isaac, Markelle Fultz, and Mo Bamba; their top two contributors, Nikola Vucevic and Terrence Ross will become free agents this summer. The team could easily fall back to the bottom of the East and need to focus on building its core. The No. 4 pick could provide the last missing piece the Magic need to become competitive.

1. Atlanta Hawks

Memphis Grizzlies v Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks have rapidly transformed after beginning their rebuild. They have a high-potential duo of Trae Young and John Collins, and a boat load of draft capital, including six picks in 2019. With three first round and second round picks in the upcoming draft, Atlanta could part ways with some of their draft stock in order to land the No. 4 pick.