The Colorado Rockies had lofty expectations and expected to contend in the NL West in 2019, but that has been far from reality, as they are under .500 and double-digit games back in the division. Ouch.

They still have a slim chance at a Wild Card spot, but they are going to be sellers at the trade deadline next week. That became apparent when they came out and said they open to hearing offers for All-Star outfielder Charlie Blackmon.

So, here are four teams that need to call the Rockies about a Blackmon trade.

4. Chicago Cubs

Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs

I know Joe Maddon likes to move his players around and "play the matchups," but they need an offensive jolt. The Cubd are a bottom-three team in production out of center field. Blackmon can hit leadoff in front of Javier Baez, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. Talk about a scary top of the lineup.

3. Tampa Bay Rays

Los Angeles Dodgers v Colorado Rockies

This isn't the kind of move that'll help Tampa Bay win the division, but the acquisition of Blackmon would make them the favorites to win a Wild Card spot. Kevin Kiermaier is expected back from injury soon, but there's always uncertainly about his ability to stay healthy, and eventually they need to add an accomplished offensive player to pair with their pitching staff.

2. Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Indians v Colorado Rockies

Not only are the Indians in the Wild Card hunt, but they are just three games back in the AL Central. Instead of selling off the likes of Trevor Bauer and Brad Hand, they should stay put and add a bat to an average offense and make one last playoff push with this group.

1. St. Louis Cardinals

2019 MLB All-Star Game, presented by Mastercard

Coming into the season, St. Louis' offense appeared to be a strength, but instead they are 21st in runs scored and 25th in team OPS. The NL Central is still within reach, and because they've already acquired and locked up Paul Goldschmidt, they need to buy and add a premier bat like Chuck Nasty.