4 Magical Patrick Mahomes Plays That Spurred Epic Chiefs Comeback

Patrick Mahomes
Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes led a monumental comeback against the Houston Texans. | Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs fell behind 24-0 and it appeared the Houston Texans would cruise to a blowout victory. Then Patrick Mahomes threw four touchdown passes in the second quarter and the Chiefs were up 28-24 at halftime. The young quarterback grew his legend Sunday, and these four plays stand out as particularly spectacular from the 51-31 win.

4. The First Touchdown

The Chiefs desperately needed a touchdown after falling behind 24-0, and Mahomes delivered with a perfectly thrown ball to Damien Williams. The ball hit Williams right in the stride and the Texans defense had no shot of stopping him. The entire offense, including Mahomes, was fired up after the play and it was clear the Chiefs were far from giving up.

3. Running Toward the Lead

The Chiefs were cruising by the time it was 24-21. But Mahomes wanted to take the lead before halftime and showed off his running ability right before the two-minute warning. He broke outside the pocket and already had his momentum at full speed once he hit the line of scrimmage. He made it into field goal range and kept going after stepping out of bounds as the crowd went wild.

2. Running Touchdown Pass

Mahomes just wouldn't settle for field goals in the insane first-half comeback. He was flushed out to his right by the Texans defense on a third down and could have easily thrown the ball away. Instead, he found a waiting Travis Kelce who was in the middle of about seven Texans defenders. The touchdown came right after Houston fumbled a kickoff and the writing was on the wall.

1. The Toe Drag to Take The Lead

Mahomes got the Chiefs down near the goal line at the end of the first half. A field goal would have tied the game. Instead, Mahomes threw a ridiculous pass to get his fourth touchdown pass in nine minutes. He successfully dragged his toe to remain behind the line of scrimmage and flipped the ball to Kelce after the defense thought he was going to tuck and run.