Brett Favre sent shockwaves throughout the football world on Tuesday, as a post from his official Instagram account revealed that the Hall of Fame quarterback would return for the 2020 season.

Well, that wasn't the case, as the post was subsequently deleted, with Favre claiming his account was hacked. But those brief minutes of speculation got us thinking, which retired NFL stars would we like to take the gridiron again?

Here are four of the top choices.

4. Calvin Johnson

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions

When you thought of dominant wide receivers in the past decade, the first name to come to mind was Calvin Johnson, aka "Megatron." The 6-5 pass catcher was a matchup nightmare for opposing cornerbacks, as he became the best red zone target in the NFL. Johnson's shocking retirement in 2016 left fans thinking what more he could have accomplished, and we'd like to see him don the pads and helmet again in order to find out.

3. Tony Gonzalez

SiriusXM At Super Bowl LII

Before Rob Gronkowski, there was Tony Gonzalez, who made a name for himself as the top tight end in the NFL. Gonzalez was Mr. Consistency, as he missed all but two games in his 17 year career. Even in his final seasons, Gonzalez was posting 70+ catches. Imagine Gonzalez coming out of retirement to win that long-eluded Lombardi Trophy. Yes, he's 43, but Gonzalez still has the physique to make this work.

2. Terrell Owens

Toronto Raptors v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Four

Terrell Owens is arguably the most polarizing football player in recent memory. Owens was a talented receiver, and he let his opponents know it. Despite being out of the NFL since 2010, Owens has been talking about a potential comeback. We just want to see if he can truly back up the talk if a team gives him a chance.

1. DeMarcus Ware

Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos

DeMarcus Ware is an idol among the current flock of pass rushers in the NFL. Ware was a quarterback killer, as he recorded 138.5 sacks and 229 QB hits. Ware teased fans with a comeback earlier this year, thanks to his buddy Jason Witten returning to the Dallas Cowboys. NFL fans would be in for a treat seeing Ware don a Denver Broncos or Cowboys uniform again.