3 Saddest Quotes From Ravens Locker Room After Loss to Titans

Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens were stunned by the Tennessee Titans on Saturday | Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

We're still not sure what was more stunning from the Titans' upset over the Ravens in the Divisional Round on Saturday night: the colossal egg that Baltimore laid, or Tennessee's sheer domination.

Whatever the case, it was about as humbling as a loss could be, considering the hype that the Ravens received (and created) throughout the regular season and into the playoffs. Heck, most pundits and fans tabbed them locks to reach the Super Bowl after it was confirmed that they would be the AFC's No.1 seed.

Therefore, it wasn't surprising that an assortment of players on Baltimore were singing the blues at their lockers after the game. Let's highlight the bleakest of the bunch, shall we?

3. Michael Pierce Addressing His Future

"It kind of hit me as the clock was running out, that this could potentially be the last time I play here," said Pierce. "I really, really love these guys, and this has been an amazing ride, but we just didn’t get it done...I'm not even worried about that (his Ravens future) right now. I just want to get through this." The epitome of gut-wrenching, and the fact that Pierce worked his tail off to make Baltimore's roster makes his quote all the more disheartening.

2. Marlon Humphrey Faces the Facts

Credit to Humphrey for having the self-awareness to call Baltimore exactly what they are. These comments probably won't sit well with the rest of the Ravens locker room, but Humphrey is merely speaking the truth here, and his teammates should think long and hard about that reality this offseason.

1. Matt Judon's Depressing Car Crash Analogy

We get that the Ravens are devastated and in genuine shock after getting drubbed at home after their first-round bye, but comparing the letdown to a car crash? Sheesh. Judon's gruesome metaphor was probably uncalled for, but it still speaks volumes, and is a no-brainer choice to take the cake here.