With the NBA Draft kicking off this evening, the world's top basketball prospects will finally get the call to start their professional careers on the big stage. And while there are plenty of young men in the draft pool that ooze potential, every year brings its fair share of busts. As the draft gets underway Thursday night, your lottery team should try and avoid these clear risks who will find it hard to live up to the hype.

1. Bol Bol

Oregon v Virginia

The 7-2 center who averages 21.3 points per game seems like a great pick for any late lottery team, right? Bol Bol's size alone is appealing even before you consider his impressive range and nex-gen skills. However, the kid presents some serious debate as to whether he has the frame to withstand 82-game seasons up against seasoned big men who can reliably outmuscle him. Though he is still just 19, he is quite possibly tonight's biggest draft gamble.

2. Cam Reddish

Michigan State v Duke

Cam Reddish stands at 6-8 and averaged 13.5 points in his one-and-done year at Duke. Reddish is known to shoot the ball from distance and got himself labeled as a three-and-D prospect; however, his shooting efficiency was not up to par. Constantly taking shots from behind the three point line, Reddish only hit 33% of them. That's just not good enough.

3. De'Andre Hunter

ACC Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals

De'Andre Hunter bursted on the scene in the NCAA Tournament and saw his draft value rise as his Virginia Cavaliers achieved glory. Before the Big Dance began, Hunter was an average basketball player that gave you a solid performance night to night. Hunter averaged 15.2 points per game, 5.1 rebounds and just 2 assists this season, not exactly standout numbers. Though Hunter has a chance to be a serviceable all-around player in the NBA, teams would be smart not to be seduced by his performances in the Tournament.