3 More Alabama Players Test Positive for COVID-19 in Latest Bleak Sign

Alabama head coach Nick Saban
Alabama head coach Nick Saban / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Last month, the SEC paved the way for football players to begin voluntary training for the 2020 season when it voted to re-open its athletic facilities starting on June 8. The instilled safeguards required that each player was to be tested for the coronavirus upon arriving at campus.

In truly concerning fashion, at least five Alabama athletes tested positive for COVID-19 as of last week. Now, several reports are claiming that three more Crimson Tide players have contracted the virus following the second round of tests.

The latest concerning update brings the total number of positive COVID-19 tests to at least eight and you have to think that number will increase as testing continues. These players will now have to be isolated, followed by a contact tracing of teammates and coaching staff.

This isn't a great sign for the overall outlook of the upcoming college football season. With more and more players making their way to campuses, and positive tests continuing to roll in, it's got to be concerning for college coaches and players.

Things have been pretty rough for Alabama thus far in its short time back in Tuscaloosa.