3 Michael Jordan Storylines 'The Last Dance' Conveniently Left Out

"The Last Dance" doesn't mention Jordan's  beef with Reggie Miller
"The Last Dance" doesn't mention Jordan's beef with Reggie Miller / JEFF HAYNES/Getty Images

"The Last Dance" has been a massive hit through four power-packed episodes, as the documentary has done an excellent job of peeling back the curtain and getting an inside look at Michael Jordan's tenure with the Chicago Bulls. Some journalists, however, haven't been crazy about the series, as they claim that the involvement of Jordan's production team makes this a 10-hour retelling of Jordan's side of events, rather than a truly objective picture. Because of Jordan essentially getting veto power over his documentary, it's possible these three storylines went under the radar.

3. His Comments About Reggie Miller

Indiana Pacers star Reggie Miller
Indiana Pacers star Reggie Miller / Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Reggie Miller and the Pacers didn't start to really annoy Jordan until the mid-90s, as the two teams Jordan had to overcome early in his career were the Cavaliers in the '80s and Pistons in the early '90s. Jordan wasn't a fan of Miller as a player, however, as he claimed that playing against Miller was like "chicken fighting with a woman" due to Miller's slim physique and pestilent defense. Do you really think Jordan is going to let the public at large recall these comments?

2. His Role in the Pistons' 1991 Walk-Off

Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas
Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas / Focus On Sport/Getty Images

Isiah Thomas and the "Bad Boy" Detroit Pistons are once again the villains these days, as Jordan's personal beef with Thomas and members of that team has resurfaced in this documentary. The Pistons were branded sore losers after not shaking Jordan's hand following their 1991 loss against the Bulls, but Jordan conveniently left out the fact that he called the Pistons "undeserving champions" before Game 3 and said they were "bad for basketball" on multiple occasions. With those comments rattling around in the Pistons' heads, you can sort of understand why they didn't line up to greet him.

1. The Job Jerry Krause Did in Building the Bulls

Chicago Bulls' General Manager Jerry Krause
Chicago Bulls' General Manager Jerry Krause / DAN LEVINE/Getty Images

If you only watched this documentary, you'd think that Krause was a complete dope who was one second away from ruining the Bulls, given how Jordan hates him. However, we are talking about a guy who drafted Scottie Pippen, insisted on making Phil Jackson the head coach, and signed the likes of Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, Toni Kukoc, and Luc Longley. This man knew something about basketball, as his rings prove. Krause died in 2017, meaning everyone in this doc has been taking shots at him without fear of reprisal.