3 Terrible Calls By the Refs That Screwed Wisconsin in Rose Bowl Loss to Oregon

Wisconsin Badgers tight end Jake Ferguson during offensive pass interference call
Wisconsin Badgers tight end Jake Ferguson during offensive pass interference call /

Wisconsin might have fallen late to Justin Herbert and Oregon in the Rose Bowl, but it was not without controversy, as the officiating in this game was suspect if you're of a Badgers inclination. These three questionable calls could have changed the outcome of this game if they with called correctly in favor of Wisconsin.

3. Phantom Holding in the Red Zone

Holding penalties, a killer on many a drive, rarely get whistled against teams coached by Paul Chryst. However, the penalty bug bit the Badgers' offensive line in this game, as it took away a huge Jonathan Taylor run in the red zone that forced a key drive to stall out. Taylor never got going in this game, and that drive sapping away all of his momentum could be one of the reasons why.

2. A Missed Hands To The Face Call On An Interception

Jack Coan, who made a vast improvement in his downfield passing ability between this year and last, struggled to solve Oregon's swarming defense. However, Coan's sole interception on the day might not have been entirely his fault, as photo evidence confirms that officials missed a blatant hands to the face call that could have easily altered the path of the throw. Imagine what could have been if the officials actually managed to do their jobs correctly.

1. This Horrid OPI Call

Tight end Jake Ferguson appeared to secure a crucial catch on a potential game-winning drive, but it was soon overturned due to offensive pass interference called on...wide receiver Danny Davis, away from the play. The defender engaged with Davis, Davis shoved him off, and somehow, that contact was deemed inappropriate. The only thing more infuriating for Badgers fans than watching that call get overturned was listening to ESPN's alleged "rules expert" ramble on about how pass interference should be called.