3 Bulls Greats Who Would Be Even Better if They Played Today

Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr
Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bulls are the forever home of some of the NBA's greatest players of all time. Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Derrick Rose, and many more headline the Bulls' cross-era list of legends.

Although these former Bulls all had outstanding careers, they arguably came into the league at the wrong time, and would all make even more of an impact in the modern game.

3. Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr was one of the most dependable role players on the Bulls during their second three-peat run. Kerr was a guard with a high basketball IQ and a great jumpshot, making an absurd 45.4% of his shots from 3 over his entire career. Because he played before treys were shot frequently, he only shot 1.8 attempts per game. In today's modern game, Kerr would light the league up if fully unleashed.

2. Ben Gordon

Ben Gordon's time with the Bulls came during one of their most overlooked eras. In his five seasons in Chicago from 2004-2009, the Bulls were a team caught in between, making the playoffs four times but only winning one series. Gordon had the ideal offensive game for today's NBA, shooting 40.1% from 3 across his entire career. If he played now, Gordon's talents would have a much larger winning impact in a better-fitting system. An elite playmaking guard who could shoot like that? Come on; the whole offense would've been built around him.

1. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan on the Chicago Bulls
Michael Jordan on the Chicago Bulls / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Yes, the GOAT could've been even better. Michael Jordan played in a much harder and more physical NBA than the one we watch today, and that's a fact. The only thing that could stop Jordan was extremely physical defense that would be considered assault compared to what's allowed in the NBA currently. Jordan would cut through the modern NBA like butter. With no Detroit Pistons defense in his way, more than six titles would've been within reason.