3 Blue Jays Who Deserve More Credit for Back-to-Back World Series Wins in '90s

Juan Guzman
Former Toronto Blue Jays star Juan Guzman | Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

It's mind-blowing to think that 14 teams have repeated as World Series champions throughout the history of MLB. Perhaps the most unheralded of these triumphs, however, is the dominant back-to-back run the Toronto Blue Jays put together in 1992 and 1993, when they became the first non-American-based club to hoist the Commissioner's Trophy.

When you look at those teams, studs like Roberto Alomar, Dave Winfield, Paul Molitor and Joe Carter stick out as the most significant contributors. After all, the latter hit the famous championship-sealing walk-off home run in Game 6 of the 1993 Fall Classic against Philadelphia.

However, there are a few unsung heroes that often get overlooked when these Blue Jays championships are discussed. Here are the first three that come to mind.

3. Devon White

Former Toronto Blue Jays OF Devon White
Former Toronto Blue Jays OF Devon White | Focus On Sport/Getty Images

Devon White was a three-time All-Star and seven-time Gold Glover across his 17-year professional career, but he didn't necessarily grab headlines during the 1992 and '93 World Series. In all, White made 50 plate appearances -- the most of any Blue Jay -- and hit .261/.326/.488 with seven RBI, 13 hits and a .814 OPS. It's also worth mentioning the superb defense he showcased in centerfield. White's production on baseball's biggest stage deserves more praise than fans in Toronto give him credit for.

2. Tony Fernandez

Tony Fernandez
Former Toronto Blue Jays infielder Tony Fernandez | Bernstein Associates/Getty Images

Hall of Famer slugger Paul Molitor might have taken home MVP honors in the 1993 World Series, and understandably so, but Tony Fernandez absolutely deserves equitable praise. In 21 plate appearances, the former All-Star hit .333/.423/.381 with nine RBI and an .804 OPS. He wasn't on the Blue Jays for the 1992 championship, but we won't hold that against him. Those numbers are staggering and contributed to Toronto's title in '93.

1. Juan Guzman

Juan Guzman
Former Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Juan Guzman | Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images

Juan Guzman's contributions in the back-to-back World Series titles weren't extraordinary, but he was too good to not qualify for this list. He only made one start in 1992, but boy, was he on his game. The former All-Star allowed just one run over eight innings of work and fanned seven batters. Talk about pitching under pressure. He followed that up in 1993 by logging a 3.75 ERA in 12 innings of work. Not many pitchers can say they have a career 2.44 ERA in the World Series. That's pretty special.