To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Duke superstar Zion Williamson was selected by the New Orleans Pelicans with the first overall of the NBA Draft.

While Williamson was viewed on a tier of his own amongst of draft classmates, he does have some flaws in his game. This isn't a knock on Zion, as he's leaps and bounds the best player in this year's NBA Draft-- but these three weaknesses stick out.

1. Jump Shot Needs Refinement

UCF v Duke

Yes, Zion did shoot an incredible 68% from the field and 33.8-percent from three-point land at Duke. But his release isn't refined like most pure shooters, as the ball leaves his hands at the side of his head. It's something that will need to be worked on at the professional level.

2. Big Questions on Defense

ACC Basketball Tournament - Championship

Willamson is known for his ability to block shots with absolute ferocity, and he can steal the basketball out of the opposition's hands with brute force. However, that can be risky in the NBA. If Williamson's focused on forcing the turnover, it could lead to blown defensive assignments. Additionally, he isn't such a tall forward at 6-7, begging questions about which types of players he'll truly be able to guard at the NBA level.

3. Conditioning

Virginia Tech v Duke

Zion Williamson surely plays with a high motor, as evidenced throughout his highlight reel season at Duke. However, there are times he looks exhausted as a result of his full-steam-ahead method, and it particularly affects him defensively. That will certainly be something to keep an eye on in 48-minute games.