2020 NBA All-Star Mock Draft for Team LeBron and Team Giannis

LeBron and Giannis are captains for the second consecutive year.
LeBron and Giannis are captains for the second consecutive year. / Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

A few years ago, the NBA All-Star teams lost the East - West format we are all used to. Teams were picked from the All-Star pool by the top-voted players from each conference, last year's being LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

This year, James and Antetokounmpo were voted as the captains as well. Now that the other All-Stars were selected, it's time to guess what the selection of picks will be, person by person.

Pick No. 1: Anthony Davis (Team LeBron)

Anthony Davis is LeBron's teammate this season, and is on the last year of his deal. Need I say more?

Pick No. 2: Kawhi Leonard (Team Giannis)

Antetokounmpo is a smart player, and should know that he may have to face Kawhi in the NBA Finals.

Pick No. 3: Luka Doncic (Team LeBron)

Luka Doncic is an incredible young ball player, and adored LeBron growing up. James will take advantage of Doncic's energy during the game.

Pick No. 4: Joel Embiid (Team Giannis)

Embiid is a big body that can help dominate the inside on offense, and will help stop the drives of team LeBron.

Pick No. 5: Trae Young (Team LeBron)

Young is a 21-year-old player, but has absolutely exploded this season, becoming the shooter and passer we all expected, something LeBron values heavily. Plus, he's been working off the influence of the Mamba lately.

Pick No. 6: James Harden (Team Giannis)

Another dynamic scorer, Harden's passing and ball handling will be big for a team relatively devoid of those skills.

Pick No. 7: Pascal Siakam (Team LeBron)

Siakam's length, athleticism and shooting ability will be a perfect complement for LeBron's incredible transition passing ability.

Pick No. 8: Kemba Walker (Team Giannis)

The last player left of the starters, Walker will provide speed and court vision to rim-runners like Giannis and Embiid.

Pick No. 9: Damian Lillard (Team Giannis)

Lillard has been off the charts the past five games, and Giannis will hope that he can keep it up throughout the All-Star Game.

Pick No. 10: Chris Paul (Team LeBron)

While there are many better players left on the list, Paul is one of LeBron's best friends in the league, and with Paul on the decline, James will not miss the opportunity to potentially play with him one last time.

Although maybe the friendship is off...

Pick No. 11: Khris Middleton (Team Giannis)

Giannis' teammate on the Milwaukee Bucks, Middleton is a great shooter who can provide guard depth for team Giannis.

Pick No. 12: Ben Simmons (Team LeBron)

LeBron is a mentor for the Sixers' young player, and Simmons considers King James a close friend of his. It also doesn't hurt that Simmons can straight-up ball. After the Greek Freak stole Simmons last year, don't expect it to happen again.

Pick No. 13: Russell Westbrook (Team Giannis)

Westbrook is a phenomenal player, and is the perfect person in an All-Star game setting, with his hops and endless energy.

Pick No. 14: Nikola Jokic (Team LeBron)

Jokic is a LeBron-type player, as he is a do-it-all big man who loves to pass the ball from all places on the court. He will work well with Team LeBron.

Pick No. 15: Rudy Gobert (Team Giannis)

An incredibly lengthy and athletic 7-footer, Gobert will be cleaning up the glass on both ends for Team Giannis.

Pick No. 16: Brandon Ingram (Team LeBron)

Ingram, James' old teammate on the Lakers, has taken his game to a whole new level this year. His shooting and length make him an ideal teammate for LeBron.

Yeah...about that.

Pick No. 17: Jimmy Butler (Team Giannis)

Jimmy Butler, the Heat's best player, has been a jack of all trades type of player throughout his career, and should continue to do that for Giannis.

Pick No. 18: Jayson Tatum (Team LeBron)

Tatum, another former LeBron James fan, has taken off for the Celtics this year. His athleticism and shooting are great for a LeBron-led team (and, once again, more Kobe influence here).

Pick No. 19: Bam Adebayo (Team Giannis)

Adebayo, a choice for the Most Improved Player Award this year, has become a similar player to Nikola Jokic, but more athletic. He would be a great addition to Team Giannis.

Pick No. 20: Domantas Sabonis (Team LeBron)

Sabonis has developed a better offensive game this year, which has made him an even bigger threat. Playing in his first All-Star Game, Sabonis may not see many minutes.

Pick No. 21: Donavan Mitchell (Team Giannis)

Mitchell is a creative scorer and a well-respected player. While he may not see the court much, having his positive energy on the team is a plus for Giannis.

Pick No. 22: Kyle Lowry (Team LeBron)

The always under-appreciated Lowry is a great player, but with his ascending age and declining skill, he'll be more of a smiling face on the bench, cheering on the young players.