It's Always Been Too Early to Make Definitive Statement on College Football Season During a Pandemic

Bryant-Denny Stadium, home of the Alabama Crimson Tide
Bryant-Denny Stadium, home of the Alabama Crimson Tide / Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The COVID-19 virus has either postponed or canceled sports in most major American leagues, and even college football might be affected in a pretty major way by this pandemic.

The mismanagement of this since Day 1 might finally start to affect college football, as some schools are starting to cancel their 2020 seasons in the name of safety and public health. D-I schools could take a similar path in a few weeks if conditions don't improve.

Is it really wise to declare, several months before the season starts, that the season should either start as planned or be canceled outright given how fluid this whole situation is? Now is not the time to start eschewing data in favor of emotion.

Just when it looked like everything was under control, a gaggle of people and lawmakers that didn't think wearing a mask was that important violated and/or reversed all the coronavirus procedures. which led to a spike in cases across the country. Schools like Clemson and LSU felt the wrath of COVID-19 given how their football programs were stung by the virus.

With a situation that's changing by the week, coming out with a blanket statement at this juncture that will have repercussions decades down the line would be extremely rash. Wait to see what the data says, then make an informed decision rather than flying off the cuff.