12 Funniest Tweets After the Clippers Shook the NBA and Brought in Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

Many NBA fans are still trying to recover from the trauma of waking up on Saturday morning to discover the Los Angeles Clippers signed Kawhi Leonard and pulled off a blockbuster trade to acquire Paul George from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The news dropped overnight when Twitter didn't have its top material, so after a few hours, here's how the internet managed to find the humor in all the NBA madness.

Kawhi going to the Clippers is such a slap in the face to the Lakers, who were the supposed frontrunners for him. What in the world is LeBron James thinking?

Sooo what about the monstrous big three?

Luckily the Lakers rebounded and made some nice moves as they were clearly prepared for this moment, which now makes the below statement a bit more debatable...though still true.

But the front office was definitely shocked for at least a moment.

Did we forget about how badly this changes the Raptors? We're sorry, Drake.

As for the Thunder, well, it's just Russell Westbrook now. Paul George is done after two years.

Don't expect this to go down well between Westbrook and the front office. Another trade could be coming soon after Russ loses it.

And fans will be deprived of Paul George day on Sunday.

Yeah Paul, about that...

George reportedly requested the trade to make this all happen after he was recruited by Leonard, and Russ looks to be officially done on Instagram.

But the biggest loser in all of this? Whoever painted that Lakers mural of Kawhi.

The biggest winner? Us, because we got this hilarious NBA fan compilation from comedian Cameron Magruder.

The heavy lifting in free agency is done, and now we'll be on high alert for one last blockbuster trade.