12 Funniest Tweets After Philip Rivers Threw up a Duck to Lose Game for Chargers vs Chiefs on MNF

Philip Rivers had another comeback win in his grasp, but in typical Chargers fashion, he blew it.

The Chiefs were victors on Monday Night Football, but it didn't come easily. With Rivers' absolute duck of a throw after nearly driving LA down the field for a game-tying score, Twitter couldn't let the father of nine get off easy.

Nothing like a four turnover night to remind the league you're washed up.

Is there really a difference between nine and 10 kids? Really?

At least MJ could call his shot.

We swear this happens to Rivers at least three times every season.

A slight improvement! At least this pass fell incomplete.

This...actually...looks a lot like Rivers' form of late.

Both buttons lead to certain death!

Rivers doesn't mind losing, it could always be worse. Daycare for nine isn't that expensive.

Rivers is 37 and he has yet to learn, so evidently the teaching must continue.

The second option might as well be YES.

Tis the season of giving in LA.

It only took him four quarters to figure it out.