11 Funniest Tweets After Duke Lost to Stephen F. Austin at Home and America Rejoiced

It's only November, but Duke just lost to an unranked, non-Power 5 team on their home floor, so it's cause for the entire country to celebrate.

When Duke loses, Twitter wins. That was very much the case on Tuesday night following Stephen F Austin's stone cold stunner.

SMH. Stephen F Austin's non-conference schedule really is a joke.

Yeah, this makes the most sense, although Garrett wasn't in the huddle to call an ill-timed TO.

Is that a play, or Coach K's autograph?

In this case, we're all winners. Apologies to Durham, NC.

You really do love to see it.

So we're talking every Duke fan?

Let the record show it took approximately five minutes for someone to put this together. Five.

Personally, my eyes won't close ever again.

That's a pretty terrible streak there, Dukies.

We sure they didn't switch over to Clemson by now?

The Lumberjack is strong in them.