11 Funniest Tweets About the Chiefs' Unreal Playoff Comeback Against Bill O'Brien and Texans

Kansas City Chiefs come back against the Houston Texans
Kansas City Chiefs come back against the Houston Texans

Move over, 28-3!

Well, don't, actually -- technically, this was 24 points, not 25, and it wasn't the damned Super Bowl, and the Patriots weren't involved.

But if anything could rival that Pats comeback, it was this remarkable spurt by the Kansas City Chiefs, where Mahomes started down 24-0 and got Bill O'Brien'd into the lead by the time the QUARTER HAD ENDED.

Seriously, what...just...happened here?!

Now, however, KC can release their tightened sphincters, and laugh, laugh, laugh. Their Chiefs took a monster punch to the face in the first quarter, and still get to host the AFC Title Game.

That went OK last year, right? Eh? No?

Still, they'll take their chances with back-to-back appearances.

Truly, though, this all occurred during one, long Bill O'Brien burp. Blink and you missed it.

On the other side of the coaching spectrum, Andy Reid chose to spot his opponent 24 before orchestrating a madman's comeback. Crazy like a fox!

In case the Texans' "GM" who doesn't exist forgets to fire Bill O'Brien after this one, the fans might just have it covered.

Give him props, though. The man made actual magic happen today.

And we can never take that away from him.

Why did this game twist on a dime so quickly at the beginning of the second? It might've been the Sports Gods making up for lost cursing.

Or, perhaps, it was just O'Brien, whose keys seem to not be working, for some reason.

Guess he'll need to figure out a better halftime motivation tactic by next year!

Just kidding. There won't be a next year.

KC moves on to face an all-new nightmare in Derrick Henry, and Mike Vrabel's manhood is now officially at risk. Things are about to get much tougher. But for one week, at least, the entire sporting world can marvel at how quickly O'Brien let this get away.