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10 Lamest Magic Johnson Tweets of All-Time

Los Angeles Lakers icon and former president of basketball operations Magic Johnson is known for his transformative play, gregarious nature, and horrific Twitter account full of the most dull updates and predictions that almost never come true. While his Twitter is a treasure trove of bad tweets, these 10 stand out above the rest.

And yes, he's fired off plenty of missives in the days since his untimely exit at the Staples Center.

10. Magic Lets Us Know About His Popcorn Preferences


This one is hot off the presses, as Magic realized that Twitter had been wondering for ages what flavor of popcorn he prefers. Magic, hearing the incessant clamoring, came through for us all. Isn't that wonderful?

9. Magic Cracks the Code on Why the Raptors Are Beating the Bucks


Wow! How do you get that good? I guess there is a reason that ESPN kept bringing Magic back year after year as an analyst. Where else can you find analytical, thorough content like this?

8. Magic Updates Us About His Speaking Schedule


In case you were a huge fan of the Showtime Lakers and want to know what Magic Johnson is thinking, doing, or saying at any given moment in time, his Twitter will provide all the updates you need, and then some.

7. Magic Invites Twitter to His NFL Draft


Could you imagine watching the NFL Draft with Magic Johnson? I can see Magic calling every player selected a great player while offering no other analysis in my head right now. It would make you pine for the days of Jon Gruden!

6. Magic Hexes the Raiders Season


Speaking of Gruden, it looks like this season is over before it even started for the Raiders. As much as Magic's Twitter is an infinite well of boring, it's just as infamous for cursing teams with bad predictions that have become his trademark of late.

5. Magic Ruins the Career of Michael Carter-Williams in One Tweet


Remember when Michael Carter-Williams was Rookie of the Year and was viewed as the face of "the Process", and then all of a sudden his career evaporated into a cloud of steam? I think we now know the reason why.

4. Magic Ruins the Career of Jimmer Fredette in One Tweet


Yikes, this is a bad one. While Fredette was captivating the nation by pulling up from 30 feet regularly before Steph Curry took over the game entirely, his NBA career fizzled out. The legendary Jimmer Fredette was another victim of the Magic kiss of death. And no, I have no idea what #MenCare means to this day. Why was this sponsored?

3. Magic Ruins the Rams' Chances of Winning the Super Bowl in One Tweet


Did the Rams lose to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII due to Sean McVay's poor gameplan? Todd Gurley's injury? A great defensive game by Bill Belichick and the Patriots? Tom Brady? No to all of that! Once Magic gives you a vote of confidence, you're finished.

2. Magic Gives us a Masterclass in NBA Analysis and Logic


This one reads like a riddle written by Confucius. The best part of this is that it's totally logical. If the Spurs and Heat missed the finals that year, they couldn't win the championship. The other networks really missed out when ESPN brought him on as an analyst.

1. Magic Says Happy Birthday to His Boss


And then what happened?