VIDEO: Packers Called for Most Absurd Roughing the Passer in NFL History on Dak Prescott

15 free yards for the Dallas Cowboys on a critical drive down 10? Guess Jerry Jones' checks finally deposited into the refs' bank accounts. Somehow, some way, the Packers were flagged for roughing the passer on...a play where Dak Prescott rushed for 13 yards, entirely unimpeded by any sort of pressure. You'll never see a more inexplicable call in your life.

Tom Brady ain't got NOTHING on this actual garbage.

When the flag was thrown, it felt as if there might've been a holding call in play here. Nope! Some ancillary tap to the body, which did not stop Prescott from gaining 13 yards of his own accord, was instead flagged, allowing Dallas to march forward.

This game was 31-3 Packers, and then the clock simply stopped ticking. Incredible collaboration between the zebras and Cowboys.