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VIDEO: Knicks Fan Actually Got a Zion Williamson Tattoo Before NBA Draft Lottery

A cocky New York Knicks fan got a Zion Williamson-themed tattoo, which was totally a smart idea.

Remember talking to your parents about getting a tattoo down the line, and they reiterate to get one that has meaning to you and can last a lifetime? Well, one cocky New York Knicks fan didn't get that memo. The aforementioned fan got a Zion Williamson-themed Knicks logo inked on their ankle prior to the start of the NBA Draft Lottery. By the end of the event it was revealed that the New Orleans Pelicans won the lottery and the rights to select Williamson in the first round.

Not the greatest idea in hindsight.

However, this has been a theme for sports fans around the globe. They will get some new ink that lists their favorite team as that year's champions, because they're that confident in it. And nine times out of ten, it never works out.

Enjoy the laser treatment, it's definitely costly in more ways than one.