Rob Gronkowski reveals which coach he'd consider unretiring for

Could Gronk come out of retirement again in the near future?
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Have we seen the last of Rob Gronkowski in the National Football League? Hey, you never know what might end up happening here. Gronk is a future Hall of Famer, but the fact that he's leaving the door open, however small the chances may be, to come out of retirement has people talking.

While speaking with Kay Adams, he was asked about which coach would have the best chance to talk him into playing again. His answer? Brian Daboll of the New York Giants.

The Giants landed Darren Waller from the Raiders this offseason, so they're pretty set at tight end. However, adding someone like Gronkowski to the offense would be another great addition for quarterback Daniel Jones.

Giants fans can't stop talking about this. While it's unlikely that Joe Schoen would even consider making a move, it'll be something to maybe keep an eye on this season.