Judging from the latest piece of news on Nick Saban, we'll safely assume that scientists have still not yet discovered which planet the Crimson Tide boss is from.

Per ESPN senior writer Chris Low, the 67-year-old was chipping and putting on the golf course just three days after his his offseason hip surgery. What's all the more bizarre, however, is that Saban recently revealed that he was taking 75% full-strength swings just weeks later.

And the head coach's rationale was the most Saban thing he's ever said. "Still way too much sitting around. If this is what retirement's like, it's not for me," said the six-time NCAA national champion.

Yeah, this dude is not human. Sure, a relaxed offseason isn't for everybody but hip surgeries are no walk in the park and the 67-year-old Saban is just brushing the procedure off like a darn paper cut.

Here's the boss himself speaking on his inability to sit down and rest his hip:

Just throw this up there in the "least surprising news ever" category. In all honesty, Nick's restless attitude is just a testament to the world-beating dynasty he has created in Tuscaloosa since he came over from the Miami Dolphins in 2007.