More Liverpool Nike kit content? Oh go on then.

The Reds' new kits aren't due to be officially launched until August due to an agreement between the club, Nike and New Balance to postpone the changeover until the end of the season. This means that fans have had to wait a little longer than planned for those coveted official images, but there has been no shortage of unofficial new kit content to keep them ticking over.

Leaks first emerged back in October, when a teal away kit was hinted at by Footy Headlines. There has been a steady stream of images coming to the fore ever since, and one Twitter user has managed to get his hands on a picture of all four kits together.

It's unclear if '@WhenImElmo2' (or 'Rick) has acquired the kits himself ahead of time, or if he has simply gained access to an unreleased promotional image. What is clear, however, is that his Avengers pun game is strong...and that the kits are stunning.

Liverpool's 2020/21 kits will be on the club's website – buy other club merch there now.

The image shared here isn't official, so its legitimacy can't be verified, but it doesn't appear doctored and the designs on show basically square with every leak we've had so far. The home kit comes in a slightly darker shade of the traditional Liverpool red, with a white and teal trim that would have sounded horrible in theory, but really seems to work.

The away kit also diverts from the traditional, as Liverpool switch from white to a colour previously described as 'hyper turquoise'...which seems like a dramatic way of saying 'tuquoise'. In any case, it's nice.

The new image also shows two shiny new goalkeeper kits, black at home and yellow away, but as alluded to by Elmo's Avengers gag, there is no third kit in sight. Leaks in December suggested a black chequered third kit for the Reds, and we've since seen images of one with a pink trim.

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